We get it — navigating the order process for a CD or DVD project can be nerve wracking.

You’ve made your way through writing, recording, and mastering, and you have it just the way you want it. Now you’re putting it in someone else’s hands to cross the finish line!

At National Media Services, we do our best to make it easy for you! From start to finish, you are dealing directly with a helpful person.

Things to consider before you pick up the phone to start your order:

  1. What is your timeline
    • If you have a release party planned, tell us from the start, as it impacts the production schedule. We have options to expedite at various points, to make sure you’re covered.
  2. What packaging works best? There are a lot of ways to be right!
    • Spine: yes or no — do your customers or DJs need a package with a spine (classic jewel case, wallet, or digi style)?
    • Are portability, economy, resilience, and ease of storage and mailing important (CD jacket or magic jackets are a brilliant solution, with wallets coming next).
    • Is the first impression most important (jewel case, wallet, or digi style).
    • Is this for a promotional product — take a look at our 11×17 and 5×7 folding Promo Pak options. They fit into standard envelopes and go straight in the mail!
    • Do you have minimal text and picture content, or do you need a 4- or 6-panel option (we can add multi page booklets, too).
    • Is this a DVD or combination CD and DVD set? We can set them up in standard Amaray cases, multi DVD cases, or any of our other packaging options.
    • Do you need a bulk order or paper sleeves.
  3. Do you need graphics designed
    • If you or your artist are setting up the disc and packaging graphics, you’ll want to use our templates to get placement and sizing perfected.
      Once you’ve placed your order, you can email us a PDF of your art to get confirmation that you’re on the right track. Our artists will happily talk about any issues they see, offer solutions, and can often fix issues for you. Call us with any questions.
    • If we’re doing the design and layout for you, look at similar pieces you own to get an idea of how much text fits, and write accordingly. Send us higher resolution photos if you can. If you have a particular look in mind, let us know!

Steps in the order process:

  • Contact and Estimate. You call, email, or use our Request a Quote form to discuss options and request an estimate. The estimate is emailed to you. You reply approving the estimate, and typically make a 50% deposit.
  • Graphics. If you provide: we perform a flight check to verify it fits our template. If we create: we email you a proof for feedback.
  • Master. You mail or upload your master. If you have format questions, just call us.
  • Your proof. We start with the email proof. If time allows, we strongly recommend including a physical proof in the process, with printed art and a printed, playable CD or DVD.
  • Approval. You approve by signing and mailing or emailing our approval form, or we send you a link to approve online.
  • Production and Shipping. We typically ship within 5 business days of approval. We can customize shipping options to suit your needs. 
  • Reorders. We keep your CD and art on file.

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