Go Retro!

vinyl 2 print record

Remember vinyl records?
Make your CD look like a vinyl record complete with grooves you can actually feel! Only $.15 a unit!
Call for details.

What Customers Say:

"I highly recommend National Media Services for all your duplication, printing and mastering needs! The cost of the projects are very reasonable, even for short runs, turn around is fast, and most of all, the quality of the finished product is excellent from the cd to the packaging. As a bonus, the people who work with you are not only professional, they lend a personal touch, friendly and helpful. The art work was exceptional!"...

Genelle Tennant

"Just wanted to tell you that people are ranting about how good [the festival guide] is this year! Thanks Mark W for your hard work and designing it, and everyone else for getting it to me!!"...

Lori Kind (BMAI)

"Working with NMS from start to finish on our CD was a delight. From a technical and artistic production standpoint the folks at NMS captured the "feel" we were looking for both audibly and visually for this project. Recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design, and final production were all handled in a very professional and friendly manner by all the crew at NMS. We chose a cover for Way Back When on which we could mimic old album covers with a lot of text, and it worked like a charm. We are gearing up now for another project at National Media Services!!"...

Doug Arthur

Now You Can Go Green1863 Digi Style

Digi-Style! The earth-friendly alternative to the classic jewel box.
Help reduce the recording industry's packaging emissions up to 66% by switching to our earth friendly Digi-Style packaging! National Media Services earth friendly packaging is a positive step in making the earth a nicer place to live!

Call for pricing! 540-635-4181

Crooked Road Digi Style

4 or 6 Panel Digi-Style

Free Full Color On Disc Imprint included on all duplication orders! Pricing includes National Media Services award-winning full color printing, duplication, full color on disc imprint, assembly and shrink-wrap. Add a UPC barcode for only $10.

Want to add a booklet or insert? Call us to discuss available options with this and other types of packaging.


All the benefits of an Amaray case without all the Plastic!dvdigi

Even though the amaray case is an industry standard, you may be looking for something a little more eco-friendly or an alternative package. This unique package may be just the ticket!...includes paperboard folding around a plastic disc tray.

Now you can afford CDs or DVDs in DigiStyle packaging. Only National Media Services offers this type of packaging in quantities as few as 50. This a one-piece paperboard package wrapped around a plastic tray, unfolding like a small book or album. A very unique look and feel!

No Surprises Here!

Pricing includes National Media Services award-winning full-color printing, duplication, full-color disc imprint, and assembly. Free full-color disc imprint on all duplication orders! Because we do everything in house, only National Media Services can offer you this unique and stylish alternative to jewel boxes, complete and "retail ready" in as few as 50 pieces!

Need DVD’s? Add .30 each!
You’ll receive an actual production sample of your project to review before production begins (included in our minimum flight check charge of $39). If you need us to do the design and graphics, the production sample is included at no extra charge.


With your approval, your order is ready to ship in 5 days or less!
Need it faster? We now offer a 3 DAY TURNAROUND FOR JUST $99!*

 (*Business days from final approval. The day you approve your project is considered day "0". Applies for all standard CD/DVD packages up to 500 quantity. Custom packaging does not apply. In the rare event that your product does not ship in 3 business days, you will not be charged the $99.)