What Customers Say:

"That’s why I use you folks, reliable and quick to respond, love it!!!"...

Randy Rolin (Contact Solutions)

"Please thank your staff for getting my CD printed and reproducing good quality on its audio level. I am glad to have chosen your company for its good work and customer friendly service and assistance with respect to the finished product. Sincerely,"...

Vincent Moschello

"National Media was a pleasure to work with. Totally pro all the way! Great customer support! Excellent product and price! They did everything they said and more in a timely, no b.s. way! My project consultant, Mark T., was right on the case with ultimate positive vibes and effective action! I thank National Media!"...

Robbie Long

Upload Your Files!

Talk to us first, so you can tell us about your project!

Once you've spoken to us about your order, use these links to upload your art files, photos, text and/or audio files to our server. Please be sure to have your files properly named and fill out all fields so we know who the files are from. Use the message section of the form to include contact information and notes. Please stay on the page until your file upload is complete. You will receive a notification that your files have been uploaded successfully.

Make sure your press-ready files are:

  • High resolution - 300 dpi is optimal
  • PDF, EPS, JPG or TIF format
  • All template lines removed (it's okay to send an extra JPG with templates lines for reference, but please remove them on the final art files for printing).
  • Using different file types or programs may result in production delays and could incur additional costs. (our minimum art flight check fee is $39).

If uploading audio or personal files:

  • Please create a .zip or comparable archive file and upload that, rather than sending individual pieces.
  • For uploads of multiple projects, zip each project in an archive and name the zip file accordingly to the project name (CD1.zip, CD2.zip etc.).
  • If uploading a .DDP Image file, please zip the folder before uploading. If uploading .wav audio files, be sure to number and name your files (01 - Name of Song, 02 - Name of Song etc.)

Upload Link - Orange