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What Customers Say:

"In addition to the quality product and services provided by National Media, their Mix and Match capability offered the perfect scalable solution for a market that is gradually becoming diminished by the affluence of digital formats. In the category of music we deal with, there is still a strong demand for physical product...just not strong enough to warrant pro-duped 1,000 unit runs. National Media offered the best flexibility, quality and price point to meet our needs."...

Mike Riddick (Metal Maniacs)

"Just wanted to tell you that people are ranting about how good [the festival guide] is this year! Thanks Mark W for your hard work and designing it, and everyone else for getting it to me!!"...

Lori Kind (BMAI)

"Working with NMS from start to finish on our CD was a delight. From a technical and artistic production standpoint the folks at NMS captured the "feel" we were looking for both audibly and visually for this project. Recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design, and final production were all handled in a very professional and friendly manner by all the crew at NMS. We chose a cover for Way Back When on which we could mimic old album covers with a lot of text, and it worked like a charm. We are gearing up now for another project at National Media Services!!"...

Doug Arthur

Request A Quote

Please provide us with as much information as you can about your project -- even the little details that might seem insignificant. The more we know, the better equipped we will be to provide you with an accurate price. Submitting a request for a quote does not constitute placing an order. We will never proceed with an order until you have approved a price quote.

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