Did you ever attend a local festival, completely prepared to meet, greet, and talk all day… just to find that your table paled in comparison with your neighbors? It’s happened to most of us. “Event table envy” is a thing.

We can solve that for you! Here are some tips:

Dress alike. The easiest way to do this is with MATCHING T-SHIRTs or POLOs and HATs. Being a little matchy-matchy makes you look organized and tells the crowd who they should talk to. Having your shirts branded with your company is even better. 

Dress up your table! Pick up helium balloons that match your organization’s colors. You don’t HAVE to give out donuts, but we wouldn’t turn one down…

And stop in and talk to us about:

  • T-SHIRTs and POLOs to show off your company!
  • TABLE BANNERS – either the cloth type that drapes over, or a vinyl banner that covers the front. Have bungee cords and duct tape to cinch it in place.
  • POP UP BANNERS showcase your organization or product. These are affordable, and easy to transport.
  • TENT BANNERS – the best way to dress up your tent.
    • The long thin banner that goes across the front canopy. Visible from a distance, easy to attach and store afterward, and very affordable.
    • Taller banners that create a back wall or side walls. They inform, beautify, and help people focus on you and your table.
  • STICKERS – offer a giveaway sticker to promote your current cause or project.
  • BROCHURES or HANDOUTS – we can print from your design or set up layouts using your information. Need a logo? We do that, too.

Stop by or give us a call to get started.

Pro tip: talk to us a month or so before the event, so you’re not stressed trying to get everything together at the last moment!  

  • Come see us Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm
  • Call us at 540-635-4181