Digi style showcases your music like no other packaging.

Lightweight and solid, easy to handle and attractive, the Digi mounts the CD beautifully inside the folded wallet for the easiest access of any package. You get the protectiveness of a plastic mount combined with the durability of a folded cardboard wallet.

We recently designed and manufactured a Digi style wallet for musician Doug Irving. His music is a long-term love letter to the Adirondacks. For this project Doug wanted a 6-panel piece to allow plenty of room for the images that inspired his songs. We found and manipulated a bar scene for the cover – a nod to Hopper’s Nighthawks painting, evoked in one of Doug’s songs. And for the Digi panel Doug asked for a starry scene with science fiction style quotes from the songs. We had a lot of fun with this project, and hope it measures up to Doug’s eclectic and spirited music!

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