What are postcards good for?

And who reads anymore? Well, all of us… sort of… though very few of us read in depth.

Most of us just glance at the posts on our phones. Studies show we read headlines, read the first sentence of a story or post, scan down briefly looking for important content, and move on.

A well-designed postcard is still a great solution to catch and hold the attention of prospective customers. Why?

No matter what service a business is offering, regardless of whether we NEED that service right now, if their postcard is well designed, it makes an impression. And it doesn’t disappear if your attention wanders for a sec.

I know I mentally make a note about services offered as I’m leafing through my mail. Even if the card ultimately goes into the bin, I’ve read it in that moment and mentally filed it away. Sometimes they go on the fridge. For those who have only known life with the internet, that’s the traditional way of “saving” a post.  

What kind of postcard will work for you?

  • 4×6 handout size – (or 4.25×5.5) we’ll add your mailing list, or you can hand write addresses as needed, and it makes an awesome handout or “palm card” for events, political campaigns, and networking.
  • 4.25×11.625 – long and skinny, the perfect size for Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaigns. We work with you to select mailing routes and schedule mailings for maximum impact.
  • 5.5×8.5 – half letter size, eye-catching ad still affordable.
  • 8.5×11 – letter size, for big promotions or for periodic newsletters that highlight your business.

We’ll design for you or work with your setup.  Call us 540-635-4181, or email Mike McCool mike@nationalmediaservices.com