Jillian Matundan recently placed a reorder of her CD wallet Hangin’ On. Jillian is an award-winning, multi-instrumental singer-songwriter based in Northern Virginia.  

We love her music and appreciate her dedication to her craft, and it always makes us happy to be a small part of an independent musician’s success! Head on over to Jillian’s website and give her a listen. Or check out one of her upcoming events.  Jillian’s next CD Singing to the Moon is in the works — here’s a preview.

Here’s what Jillian says:

This little EP that I released deep in the middle of a pandemic in 2020 keeps chugging. This is the third run of them — and I am so very amazed — and incredibly grateful. My biggest goal when I came back to my music was to simply start writing and playing my own stuff again — I seriously had no expectations when this was released so it feels a little surreal!

If you’d like to support your local musician friend (ahem, me), head on over to jillianmatundan.com — or you can find me on all streaming services. Thanks for the support, y’all! And thanks to National Media Services Inc. for the incredibly quick turnaround!

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We love the 4-panel wallet as a packaging solution — they are durable, easy to ship, open like a book, and allow plenty of room for photos and text inside. And they have a spine, which matters to radio stations or any fan who wants to quickly find their current fave in the CD library. 

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