The CD ordering process is full of decision points. One of the major ones is reviewing your email proof.

Here’s one question we often encounter:

Help! There are weirdly bolded letters (L’s and I’s) in the PDF. Will this be on my final product?  

Have no fear — the bolded letters are a visual effect caused by a pesky, aka helpful, default Adobe Acrobat setting. The setting “Enhance Thin Lines” enhances the display of thin lines on the display monitor.  This is very useful when reading spreadsheets or tables, but not so much with your proof review. 

The bolding does NOT appear in the printed product. 

Solution: To change this setting, go to Edit, Preferences, Page Display, then uncheck “Enhance Thin Lines.” Like magic, the bolding goes away. (Thanks, Adobe…)  

Our graphic artists always check for potential printing issues, and either fix or discuss with you. We typically find issues like low resolution photos, fonts that are too small or thin to be read at final size, and elements that need to be repositioned to accommodate a fold or safe zone.

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