Well before email, texting, and the many social apps we use today, business cards emerged as one of the earliest forms of social media. Ancient Chinese exchanged informational printed calling cards — and the Egyptians used papyrus scrolls. By the 1700 and 1800s, Europeans were exchanging calling cards.

In some ways, we have exceeded those early forms of social media as our messages bounce around the world, zapping their way through the internet “cloud” like lightning!

But printed cards are still as effective as the very first ones. And even more so, with great design.

Your card acts as anything from brilliant mini-billboard, to simple source for your contact info.

Does your card need a remake? Does the design date from the Victorian era, or the 1980s? Is your email or phone number outdated, or have you moved your location or added more internet options? 

At the very least, a good card gives your information clearly, and at best it telegraphs your professionalism and sets the tone for all of your dealings. There are a lot of ways to be right – color and background graphics, a million fonts.

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