In a word, flexibility. We were “flexing,” “leaning in,” and adapting our services to fit your needs long before flexing and leaning in became clichés.

Small printers have always produced custom jobs you won’t find offered from online vendors. Like…

  • Sets of multi-page slicks, custom sized to fit your promotional packet, without having to order each page separately. The online vendors make each part a separate order (which is fine) but you get charged shipping separately for each (not fine).
  • Custom-designed variations on a theme like event table-cards for monthly meetings.
  • T-shirts and banners for your yearly events.

Need a custom-sized handout piece? We can do that.

Need an adjustment to the art to meet a different need? We can do that.

You also deal with the same people from start to finish who make sure you get what you want. Yes, the bigger online vendors are pretty good at customer service. But they’re not going to remember you ten minutes after talking to you, even if you filled out the customer survey 🙂

We look forward to seeing you in our shop and around town, and have your projects filed on our end for easy reordering. It’s easy to have a conversation about what you need – just pick up the phone or drop us an email. Your success is our success, and we do our best to make it easy for you.  

Local businesses supporting local business! If we don’t directly offer what you need, we’ve “got a guy” – who is often another local business. Together we help communities thrive.

Talk to Mike McCool to get started: 540-635-4181 or