Your business has expanded and you know you’re ready for more than a business card, but not quite ready to commit to the task of putting together a folding brochure. What to do!

Here’s where the rack card is your friend:

  • The rack card is like a supersized business card, or a mini brochure. And almost anything that fits in a folding brochure will also work easily on a 2-sided, 4×9 rack card.
  • The cost is a lot less – about 3/4 the cost of the same quantity of brochures. They fit in a No 10 envelope. They fit in brochure racks and tourist info racks, obviously. They slip into bags and boxes.
  • As one customer put it – “I know people are reading these as they pick them up — even as they throw them away. Because my main selling points are right there.”   
  • Rack cards are great for business promotions, community organizations, informational handouts, events, and political campaigns.

Are you ready for a rack card? We can print from your art, or design for you. Call National Media Services at 540-635-4181, or email Mike McCool