Here's What You'll Need

Click to download our template files for your project.

We highly recommend that you get our complete specifications and templates before beginning your design. There is a "READ ME" supplied with all templates. Please review it before beginning your design.

NOTE: 90% of production delays are typically due to graphic design not supplied in the proper templates and specifications. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We're here to help! Design not supplied in our templates will incur an additional prep charge (minimum flight check is $39). We'll carefully check supplied files to be sure they meet our specifications. We will make minor adjustments as necessary.

If you don't see the template you need, please contact us and we'll email it to you. If you need to modify or customize a template, we can do it. Just give us a call or click.

Templates are in "zip" files. An unzip program may be needed to open the folder. A checklist is included in the template download.