If you know Caleb Green’s services, you know he does quality work, and your car will look amazing when he’s through with it! Typical reviews say things like great, easy, affordable, great customer service. Knowledgeable and honest.

His building sign, on the other hand… was looking a little the worse for wear when he brought it by!

You can see from the photo the old sign has cracks all around, is bending, and the artwork is peeling off all corners. The sign was printed on Sintra and wasn’t laminated, which is not suitable for outside.

We set up a new design for this 2.5 x 4 ft sign, using a similar image and following his brand. Once we had Caleb’s approval we printed it on quarter inch PVC and laminated all around, so he will get a lot better mileage out of it!

This sign’s life will be much greater. We can’t wait to see it hung outside their building! Sunstoppers website and Facebook.

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