We just had to share this great story from Donna Parkman. She contacted us in August with a fun task involving their dogs, their RV, and some big decals they needed us to print.  We love the creativity people bring to this kind of project, and were delighted to help her out!  Here is Donna’s story:

When we first went to look at used RV’s at the Cruise America rental station in Manassas, we noticed that the door windows in the RVs had pictures of dogs peering out of them. I thought at the time how cute it would be to have photos of our dogs looking out those windows. It wasn’t until we went back for the second time that I discovered that the doors didn’t have windows. The windows and dogs were all decals.

When Cruise America’s rental RVs are decommissioned after 4 years and put up for sale, the company strips all the decals and signage off of the exterior, and repaints them white with the addition of a few modest swooshes. The windowless door looked so plain, it desperately needed a window with a dog in it. So I photographed one of their door window decals and did some photo editing. I cropped the window frame out of the photo, removed the background from a photo of our Goldendoodle, Amber, and inserted her head in the window frame.

The image looked great on the computer, but I had no way to print it in the large format that I needed. I called National Media Services and told them what I was wanting to do, and they said “Certainly, just download the image to our website, and we will take care of it.” And the price was very reasonable. After putting the photo of Amber on the door, we immediately knew we needed to have another one of our 2nd dog, Bayley, for the rear of the RV.

Majestic, the model name of the RV, was emblazoned across the back, so I placed a crown on Bayley’s head to play on that theme. I am so pleased with the printing that National Media Services did. We can’t wait to get the RV on the road to show off our doggies.

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