Well Wishers frontman Jeff Shelton explains, “I suppose it’s being locked down and afforded the time to write and record a new album!” Shelf Life, the 11th full-length studio album from the Well Wishers, was written and produced in the short span of just five months, shortly after nationwide lockdowns began in response to the growing COVID crisis.

Lyrically, the album explores themes and emotions surfaced from the pandemic – from loneliness, isolation, frustration, but also nods toward resilience, hope, and love. “It’s a truly unusual time…” Shelton continues “I’m not sure I could have written this particular album in any other time. It’s strange to think what would have surfaced creatively under different circumstances.”

Musically, Shelf Life hits on the Well Wishers’ tried and true formula of hook-filled melodies, soaring vocal harmonies, big bold guitars and carefully layered arrangements that highlight a honed and skilled pop songcraft.

Jeff has made eight CDs with us now and we always look forward to the next one! Jeff supplies mockups of his art, and we adapt the pieces to work in our template. Jeff spoils us with his completely realized concepts. But we can work with anything — from your complete, print ready art, to almost-ready art, to building a look using your photos and text, to “here’s the title and the names of my songs, just surprise me!”

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