The holidays have passed and we’re already into Spring, but that’s not the case in the studio business! The Upper Room Studios are already booked with artists and bands, several of whom are recording their Christmas CDs!

If you’re thinking about putting out a holiday CD, NOW is the time to start planning and getting it done. This is not something to think about next Fall. You want this in the bag and ready to hit the market by October at the latest! 

Some tips to make this happen:

As always, make a comprehensive list of songs you plan to record. Research the music you plan to record — there are many songs that are public domain, but most will require permissions and/or mechanical licenses for physical copies and downloads. 

Practice, practice, practice, and when you think you’ve practiced enough, practice some more. The studio is no place to rehearse. 

And it’s always wise to arrive early for set up. Have more songs prepared than you’ll need, as you always want to have an alternative or extra track if needed. 

The Upper Room Studios at National Media Services is located at our manufacturing facility in Front Royal Virginia. Our Award Winning Chief Engineer/Studio Manager Will Shenk has literally works on hundreds and hundreds of projects and will personally discuss your project with you and help you to produce the best possible product.  

What Customers Say:

"That’s why I use you folks, reliable and quick to respond, love it!!!"...

Randy Rolin (Contact Solutions)

"National Media was a pleasure to work with. Totally pro all the way! Great customer support! Excellent product and price! They did everything they said and more in a timely, no b.s. way! My project consultant, Mark T., was right on the case with ultimate positive vibes and effective action! I thank National Media!"...

Robbie Long

"What sealed the deal to go with National Media Services, Inc. was their responsiveness and seeming willingness to provide good service. When you call you either get a real person on the other end of the line or an immediate return call back. During the entire process in dealing with our project, we found they go the "extra mile" to provide you with an excellent product. Their art and graphics department worked directly with us and did a superior job of implementing our ideas for our projects' packaging design. It was exactly what we were going for and more. We highly recommend National Media Services, Inc. and won't hesitate to use them again for future projects."...

Craig Wilson - The Rousatbouts