What do you do when you have a catalog of CDs produced in the classic jewel case, and you want a more portable, easily stored version? You convert your jewel cases into CD sleeves or magic jackets. 

Blues artist Chaz DePaolo recently tasked us with converting a few of his best sellers into this more portable, easily stored and shipped format. We love Chaz’s CDs, and we love his album art, so it is fun taking the pieces and putting them together in a new setup.

Chaz is an international blues guitarist, singer, song writer, New York State Blues Hall of Famer, and the recipient of the prestigious Global Music Award 2016 Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement and Emerging Blues Artist. He has performed live with Buddy Miles, Jose Feliciano, Leon Hendrix, Commander Cody, Bernard Purdy, Michael Packer, David Maxwell, Blue Lou Marini, Brian Downey, Stephen A. Love, and Blues Luminary, Garry Cogdell.

Look for his tour schedule on his website and Facebook page.

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