What Customers Say:

"We are truly impressed with the work National Media did for us. You were so easy to work with and focused on helping us complete this project. Now all we have to do is sell a few of them :). We plan to record additional CDs in the near future and will most definitely be in contact with your company again."...

Helen Cooley

"National Media has come through consistently for me for my past 4 albums. The quality of the artwork and the personal service is what make me return to them again and again as well as referring my colleagues to him."...

Daddy Roots, Reggae Artist

"I was driving on the bypass this morning, listening to Penguin Lust, and realized I had not sent a big thank you to you and your crew at NMS. The discs arrived in fine shape, sounded great, looked amazing. You were helpful every step, and I appreciate your enthusiasm on this small project, which was huge to us. Kudos to you all."...

William Tonks

Studio Services

With over 20 years experience, our Chief Engineer and Studio Manager can handle anything that comes our way. The Upper Room Studios at National Media Services pledges world class quality. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

With today's ever-changing technologies, we update our systems regularly and are constantly learning and incorporating the latest in digital audio developments. With our new recording and mastering suites, we now offer the musician, band, and business a professional, yet fun and relaxing environment. We've done this for you! You expect the best and you can rest assured we'll deliver!

What People Say About Us:

“Will Shenk, thank you for making us all sound just crystal my friend! Can't wait to do the next one! The ear and the levels and tones are bar none the best! Thanks ever so much!”
- Clay Jones

"I had forgotten what great mastering does for a project. It sounds amazing! Blue Skies Always."

 - Terry Brown (Terry Brown Music)  www.terrybrownmusic.com/

"National Media Services is a top notch operation. I was very pleased to have these guys work with me on my first solo release, 'The Songs I Sing". Will Shenk mastered the album and in my opinion, went above and beyond with his talent. I can say the same for the Graphic Arts department. National Media Services has put together a work force that works for and with each customer. The turn around time was amazing and I look forward to more projects with them. My fans love 'The Songs I Sing'! Thank you National Media for making this dream a reality!"

- Mike Andes (Nothin' Fancy Band) www.nothinfancybluegrass.com

"A small town atmosphere, top quality work, and personal attention are a few of the reasons I prefer National Media Services."

- Bill Emerson (Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie), www.bluegrassville.com/billemerson

"In the mastering process, National Media Services put a noticeable shine, sparkle, and depth into the sound of my new CD 'Smudge'. Thank You."

- Mike Jones a.k.a "Zallen" (Zallen Music), www.zallenmusic.com

"National Media Services provided mastering and duplication services for Dead Men's Hollow's fourth CD, 'Angels' Share'. Will Shenk's expert 'acoustic ear' coupled with the personal attention we received throughout the process created incredible results. The CD was awarded 'Best Bluegrass Album of 2010' by the Washington Area Music Association. We have already begun recording our next CD in the NMS studio."

- Dead Men's Hollow, www.deadmenshollow.com

"...I would like to express my gratitude to Will Shenk for his wonderful devotion and expertise in re-mastering my CD, 'Walter Hensley, From the Hills' ...Once again, thanks for great service, and a special thank you to Will Shenk."

- Walter Hensley, www.cdbaby.com/walterhensley

"National Media Services. They are friendly, they are on time, they are easy to work with, if there is something I want to change at the last minute they don't freak out they just fix it, their prices are very reasonable, and they make my band look and sound the best we can. I love these folks!!"

Wayne Taylor (Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa), www.waynetaylorandappaloosa.com

"Will, you are great at what you do. Absolutely GREAT!! If by some chance anyone would want to argue that fact, then they are a FOOL!"

- Fa-sin (South49Records), www.south49records.com

"...Our experience in producing 'An Evening With Buddy Holly featuring Robbie Limon' was top notch from the first day we entered the studio and began a relationship with Will Shenk, National Media's recording engineer. Will is personable, candid, analytic, and works tirelessly to give the artist more than he expects... Will Shenk has an incredible ear which proved crucial for listening to Holly's tracks and suggesting the ways 'that sound' could be duplicated... Will includes so much more in his personal definition of 'recording engineer'. If an artist can articulate his objectives, we are confident that Will Shenk can achieve them in the studio..."

- Robbie Limon & Ken Wissmann (Limon Wissmann Productions), www.robbielimonband.com