What Customers Say:

"Just wanted to say thanks for the good reliable service on our CDs. You guys have been nothing but a good company to work with and we look to continue to send out work to you."...

Jason Jenkins

"National Media Services provided us with a very nice custom design for packaging our double CD of 50 current artists of The Crooked Road. We have reordered 4 times now and have been very satisfied with National Media Services at every step in the process, from design to delivery, and always with excellent turnaround times. National Media Services has been a great resource for us."...

Jack Hinshelwood

"I am looking forward to working with National Media Services for the 5th time. The services you provide are ideally suited to our needs. Your graphic design department and options for packaging and production are excellent. The ability to order smaller quantities fits our needs well, and the quality of your products and services are first rate, all at an affordable price. I have been completely satisfied with National Media Services and would be happy to recommend you to others."...

Ray Hicks (Falling Run Bluegrass Band)

Convert Your Files To DigitalSaw1

Let us transfer your analog cassette tapes, open reel tapes, VHS, Betamax, Video8, Hi8, and others to digital for you! We can also transfer digital media such as MiniDisc, DAT, DV and miniDV, Digital8, and others as well. Do you have strange or unfamiliar looking media in storage that you want to view or listen to? Give us a call. We can probably help you out.

Need just one tape transferred to audio CD or hundreds of VHS cassettes converted to a digital format? National Media Services can quickly and economically take care of this for you. It's fast and easy too. Keep in mind that vintage  analog media does change and deteriorate over time if not stored properly. Don't risk losing these memories forever. Let National Media Services help restore these memories to a format that can be enjoyed for years to come.

For only $35, our studio engineers will transfer and enhance the original content eliminating those basic unwanted anomalies such as tape hiss and background noises at no extra charge! Please keep in mind that editing or extensive processing or mastering will require additional fees.

See our studio section for more details about our mastering services.