You probably heard, probably from so-called online marketing “experts,” that print is passé, that no one uses it anymore, that it is a “throwaway” medium. Well, think again. Print is as big as it ever was—or even bigger—and it's still your secret weapon.

Print is easily deliverable.
No computers, tablets, or smart phones needed! Print can arrive in a mailbox, as a flyer in a newspaper or stuffed into your grocery bag. It can be posted on bulletin boards, store windows, and lamp posts. You’ll find it slid under your morning coffee at the diner or your beer mug at the local pub, or under your windshield wiper in the mall parking lot. It’s your business card, your informational brochure, your introduction to a new product or service, an ad, or feature article in the local paper announcing your grand opening.

Print is memorable.

Instead of images flashing on a screen, print is experienced physically and emotionally. Your words and images on paper hit home, are remembered and retained, tucked into a drawer or folder for future reference, slipped into a vest pocket to discuss with a colleague at lunch, or placed by the phone as a reminder to call about a new product. Don’t you love getting a note or a postcard by mail? Using print as part of  your marketing strategy draws on those warm fuzzies.

Print helps boost economies.
The printing industry has been bringing information to the world and influencing minds for centuries. It is one of the largest industries on the planet, outpacing the auto industry by more than a country mile. Print technology continues to be a growing industry as well, and tremendous gains have been made in the speed and quality of both its design and execution. New career paths have been carved out in the tech industry, and newer, more efficient hardware, software, paper production, and distribution have propelled print to the marketing forefront.

Print is sustainable.
Huge investments in environmentally friendly print technology mean the use of renewable energy sources and “green”rinks and papers are the norm rather than the exception today. The myth of print as a “dirty” process no longer holds true where soy-based inks and recycled paper have become standards. Pulp trees are a renewable crop, and high-efficiency presses mean less energy consumption.

Print gives your customers options.
When is the last time a pop-up ad on your computer screen conveyed a sense of respect? Print’s marketing space is never aggressive.
Readers have the option to read, heed, and react to a call for action presented in an attractive, more effective, nonthreatening way. Print
has become more accessible by being available online, but we can keep pace by providing equally fast service, reliable workflows and a
level of accountability you won't find online.

Will you use your print superpowers in your next marketing push?
Print keeps on proving itself by working with other channels to boost conversion rates and return on investment. What will work best for your business? A series of postcards? Flyers? Newspaper inserts? Brochures? Talk to us about how print can work to help you reach your
business goals.

What Customers Say:

"I just can't say enough about National Media Services. I am a small recording studio in Illinois and don't always have clients that can order 1,000 CD's at a time like the big boys. Mark "T" goes above and beyond to make sure to produce a good quality product at a competitive price. I will continue to use National Media Services for all of my duplication/replication needs for many years to come."...

Matt Throgmorton (Coffee House Studios)

"I had excellent duplication, fantastic graphics and a great guy to work with. Need I say more? I am now a dedicated customer and you can bet I will recommend National Media Services to all the musicians I know. Thank you again, National Media Services!!"...

Roberta Miles (Jazz Singer)

"I needed a great looking promotional piece in a big hurry and I instinctively turned to National Media Services. The staff guided me over the phone and through email so my design work wouldn't cause any delays and the project would make my deadline. When I reached my hotel the box was there waiting for me and the next day I had the most professional looking promotional materials at the event! I will definitely be using National Media Services again very soon!"...

Phil Bankester