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Are you making the most of your print marketing? When you integrate print and digital marketing, you maximize your effort. You reinforce your campaigns, and learn if your print message resonates with audiences online, helping you continually improve the impact of your print marketing. There are many ways you can integrate print and digital content. Here are five you can implement this week.

1. Feature printed materials for online viewing
If you have a PDF or image file of your printed document, upload it to your website and embed or link to it. You can also create web pages from the content and graphics, or create digital magazines using programs like Issuu. This gives you reach beyond your print distribution, and you can add links within the content to direct traffic elsewhere on your website.

2. Share it on social media
Break your print documents into bite-sized pieces for social media messages and graphics. Quotes, statistics, and key messages from your annual report or marketing brochure make great content for Facebook and other social media. You can also re-purpose images and graphics for social media by adjusting and resizing them. Notice the engagement you get from your social media posts. This is great feedback, and can indicate what people think about your message.

3. Blogs and articles
If you’ve published a report or are launching a marketing campaign, re-purpose the content into blogs or guest posts. Pick a topic in your  report and expand on it in 500-1,200 words. Break the topic up into subheadings, or into several shorter blog posts, which can then be shared on social media or in your email newsletter. Guest post your content on other blogs or article sites , or research other print  newsletters and print magazines to include your message in.

4. Mail and email
If you have news, share it with your subscribers! Write a short summary that links back to your original printed document or tells people where they can buy or find it. Keep emails to around 300 words, and include images from the document to tie them together. Your contact list is gold. Build it wherever you can. Include a subscribe link in your printed documents, and include an option to online subscribers to receive physical mail.

5. Present printed content via audio and video
Expand the reach of your printed materials by presenting the content in a webinar, YouTube or Facebook Live video, podcast or other audio format.

For example, if you publish a newsletter about important health issue updates, present the main highlights and take the opportunity to promote your newsletter subscription.

Also, keep your recordings, have them transcribed, and use them if you’re considering writing a book or report. You don’t need fancy equipment to record audio or video. A smartphone with an external microphone will work.

Next time you start planning a publication, include a sub-plan for how you will integrate it with your digital marketing. And vice versa: if you’re running a digital campaign, consider what kinds of print materials will support it. Build everything together to maximize your effort and expand your reach.

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