“SoLoMo” is now mainstream for brick and mortar businesses, and if you are not taking advantage of the combination you risk being left behind. This new reality reflects the tools we rely on and the ways we navigate our lives now. Google’s statistics on the subject illuminate: 40% of all Google searches on mobile devices are for local resources. 71% of smartphone users have started a search prompted by an ad. 88% of local searches result in an action within 24 hours.

Your customers can check email, talk to a buddy, read a review, and post a picture on Facebook all while waiting in line to talk to you. Clearly, you need to be visible and accessible in the social, mobile world to compete.

1.  Start by optimizing your local presence
Immerse yourself in local events, personalities, and culture and connect your promotions to them. What’s going on in the neighborhoods you serve? Sports teams, unusual weather and local news create great opportunities to make your business a focal point of the local scene.

2. Differentiate yourself in the SoLoMo space
Keep marketing fundamentals in mind as you plan your SoLoMo campaigns. Using what you do differently and do best as the starting point for conversations will help establish your unique position in your market.

3. Adapt your messaging to the medium
People using smart phones have different needs and interests from desktop and tablet users, so it makes sense to adapt your marketing messages for each device customers will use to find you. Give them what they are looking for when they are on the go.

4. Make yourself searchable to be findable
Sad but true: businesses not appearing on the first page of search results are essentially invisible online. Build search engine optimization into all your online efforts, particularly for local search terms, and cultivate as many reviews and listings as possible.

5. Promote participation and get people talking
Take advantage of the sharing impulse with content that invites participation and is easy to share. Use readily available open source tools to make your content shareable online, and consider rewarding visitors for sharing.

6. Hit the movies
It’s true across the board – video catches attention, and content in video form persuades people more effectively than other forms alone. Video is an essential component online, so make it a priority to add video to your SoLoMo marketing mix.

7. Multiply your online efforts with print
The last decade saw a rush to online marketing away from print, but we are now seeing a rebound, based on a rock solid indicator: ROI. Google uses an increasing amount of direct mail – that has to tell us something, right? The fact is: print packs a punch with its presence, persistence, and powers of persuasion, that just can’t be duplicated online. Almost any local marketing initiative can be boosted with print.

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What Customers Say:

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Matt Throgmorton (Coffee House Studios)

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Phil Bankester