In the 19 years I’ve been in the CD manufacturing industry, I’ve seen a lot of projects come across my desk. Each and every one of them was a dream for someone - the same dream those in the music business strive for from the time they first pick up an instrument or sing their first note. We’re creative beings by nature. Be it music, engineering, art, cooking or any other creative process, it’s part of our makeup as human beings. That creativity drives world economies and the future of mankind.

Just like “Occupy Wall Street”, it’s much the same in the music industry. I call it “Occupy Indie Music”. 1% of all the artists out there today are selling tens of thousands+ and the other 99% are not. That’s the plain and simple truth. I don’t mean to be discouraging but you need to be realistic. Always shoot for the stars. With hard work and determination you can reach the upper atmosphere and more!

I’ve been fortunate enough to make a living playing music. Those of you doing so know how much work it really is. Just to get to the point of being self-sufficient to play full time and make a living at it is an accomplishment in itself!

One way to do that is to know your strengths. Know what your limitations are as well as your weaknesses. Of course, always strive to better yourself but always play to your strengths. If you look at successful artists, they do what they do to the utmost. You won’t see a rock and roller singing opera (even if they can) nor will you see a blues player playing heavy metal (even if they can). They know their strengths, their passions and strive to be the best they can be at what they do. I love all kinds of music but it doesn’t mean I can play those styles. There are only a very small percentage of artists (less than 1%) that can and have done it. Coincidentally, the recently late David Bowie was one of them. He successfully reinvented himself in many styles. Artists like him are few and far between.

National Media Services does much the same thing in playing to our strengths. We specialize in “short run” CD/DVD manufacturing and printing and we cater to the 99% of indie artists, filmmakers and businesses. We’re also the only manufacturer that offers “Mix and Match” pricing. You can order smaller numbers of multiple titles and get the larger quantity price on all of them! While we can do things outside of our strengths, we choose to stick what we do best and that’s providing superior product and customer service at great prices for runs as low as 50 pieces! And we’ve been doing so since 1979!

Call me today to discuss your next project. Mark Tobolsky (540)635-4181 ext 241.

What Customers Say:

"That’s why I use you folks, reliable and quick to respond, love it!!!"...

Randy Rolin (Contact Solutions)

"National Media was a pleasure to work with. Totally pro all the way! Great customer support! Excellent product and price! They did everything they said and more in a timely, no b.s. way! My project consultant, Mark T., was right on the case with ultimate positive vibes and effective action! I thank National Media!"...

Robbie Long

"What sealed the deal to go with National Media Services, Inc. was their responsiveness and seeming willingness to provide good service. When you call you either get a real person on the other end of the line or an immediate return call back. During the entire process in dealing with our project, we found they go the "extra mile" to provide you with an excellent product. Their art and graphics department worked directly with us and did a superior job of implementing our ideas for our projects' packaging design. It was exactly what we were going for and more. We highly recommend National Media Services, Inc. and won't hesitate to use them again for future projects."...

Craig Wilson - The Rousatbouts