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What Customers Say:

"That’s why I use you folks, reliable and quick to respond, love it!!!"...

Randy Rolin (Contact Solutions)

"Dear NMS Team: Being local to you, we picked up our CD's on Friday, instead of having them mailed. It is always a special moment to finally hold in your hands the results of so much time and thought, detail and planning, hoping and dreaming. And all of a sudden, it's real. This was a very special project for me, as so much of the writing came from a couple of really hard years. We had used Oasis for our first two CD's, and I was hoping for a little more personal experience with our 3rd. When I started asking around, NMS kept surfacing everywhere I turned!! I am so pleased with the CD's. Working with Will to consult on our project gave Pete and I just the assurance we needed to know that we were doing it right. And Mary Carnahan was awesome and patient with me while I fine tuned the colors on the artwork. I can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to do this project with real people, with real names, instead of me just being another customer number. I felt you guys took a personal interest in my project, and that it matters to you. Finally, delivery of the CD's was incredibly fast. I had no idea they would be ready so fast and I wasn't prepared for that at all! What a surprise. I will be using NMS for my next project and I will be recommending NMS to all of our musician friends. It feels like I've got a "family" to call on now."...

Chatham Street - Christal Prout & Pete Prout

"Thank you for your excellent work and fast, first rate service! I look forward to working with you again!!"...

Ed Blunt

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We are now offering the option to submit Terms and Conditions and Print Release forms through our website using a simple one-step process.

PLEASE NOTE: Approvals received after 3pm EST will be processed as of the next business day.

If you would prefer to submit your forms using a different method, we also accept hard copies and copies sent by fax or e-mail (even a photo taken from your phone will work). 

For your convenience, to the left you will also find printable PDF versions of our forms available for download. 

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